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Prime Day, The Lowest Price Ever
Jul 12.2019 12:00 AM
   The annual Prime day is upcoming, only 3 days to go. In order to give back to our fans who have been supporting us all the time, we give sellers the lowest price ever, so that you can spend the least money to buy our most powerful Aideaz 20000mAh portable power bank .
   To say what 20000mAh portable power bank is most worth buying, it must be powerful enough, large capacity, support fast charging, wireless charging, One serves as multiple uses, and has the most reasonable price.
   Let's review our super powerful, integrated PD, QC and wireless Aideaz 20000mAh portable power bank.

   Let’s see how this Aideaz 20000mAh power bank looks:

 The design is flawless, very minimal and Sturdy and well built, small footprint, you can easily put 20000mAh power bank in purse to recharge your phone and don’t need worry any tangled wire.

This unit 20000mAh power bank supports both PD and QC smart-charging, and you can charge 3 devices at the same time, charging both iPhone and android devices( including Pixels) ,charged from 27% to 100% in just 2.5 hrs with PD port, when your device has reached 100% the Power Bank turns off automatically.
LCD display

 The indicator LCD will show how much 20000mAh power bank juice left and charging status(provide PD or QC).
Wireless charging

 You can just place my phone on top of the 20000mAh portable wireless charger and have it charge up which is great for when you get a call or text it means you can pick up my phone without having cables attached.
   What are you waiting for? Add this Aideaz 20000mAh power bank to your cart right now, and get the best product and best price.