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PD Fast Charge Aideaz20000mAh Phone Battery Pack to Get Started
Jul 01.2019 12:00 AM
Since the mobile phone has entered the era of intelligence, the performance of mobile phones is becoming more and more powerful, but with the increase of power consumption of external battery charger. Today, with the slow development of battery technology, it seems that many manufacturers can not think of other enhanced mobile phones except for increasing battery capacity. The phone battery charger way of life.

At this time, the third-party hardware manufacturers gave a solution of phone battery pack, mobile power turned out, and quickly burst into red, and today, no one seems to know mobile power.
So, taking advantage of this opportunity portable usb charger, we will bring you an Orrick mobile power supply, and see what is worthwhile to surprise us today?

First, the external appreciation analysis: the new trend of contrast color design
The mobile power supply external battery charger is a combination of white and orange and is the theme color of Aideaz.
Packaging photo

From the portable usb charger outer packaging we can see that the power supply has a large capacity of 20000mAh, and there are two fast charge signs in the lower left corner, respectively supporting QC3.0 fast charge and PD fast charge.
Let's take a look at the package list of phone battery charger Po:

Aideaz external battery charger continues the simple style of the past, only black, a color, looks low-key and yet luxurious, feels good, easy to carry.

External battery charger has an LCD indicator on the front of the Aideaz's external battery, you can clearly know whether the device is in the fast charge, the fast charge flag PD, QC will be clearly displayed on the screen, in addition to the remaining power.
The whole body of the power supply adopts a non-slip design, which makes it difficult to slip off the hand and feels good. You don't have to worry about the battery falling during the charging process.

The top portable usb charger of the power supply has three interfaces, one USB-A interface, one Micro USB, and one Type-C interface. The maximum power is 18W fast charge, the Type-C interface supports bidirectional 18W fast charge, and the USB-A port supports QC3.0. Fast charge, Micro USB interface supports QC3.0 for fast charging of the body.

Aideaz's external battery charger Aideaz's external battery has the following features:
1, the face value is higher, the contrast design brings a good recognition and fashion sense.
2, enough portable phone battery charger, compared to other mobile power supplies of the same capacity, the weight control is good.
3, the capacity is sufficient, the large capacity of 20000mAh phone battery pack, almost meet the charging needs of all your digital products.
4, phone battery charger’s 18W two-way fast charge, the measured speed is very close, fast charge can save us a lot of charging time.
5, phone battery pack has a rich interface, a Micro USB and a Type-C interface to meet the needs of different groups of people.
6, LCD display, clearly understand the remaining power and fast charge status of portable usb charger
7, support 5W wireless charging, wireless charging for devices that support wireless charging anytime, anywhere.