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Best Phone Portabble Charger 2019-AIDEAZ PowerOrigin Air
Jun 03.2019 12:00 AM
Aideaz launches 20000mAh large-capacity wireless portable chargers, which can charge mobile phones and charge notebooks.
The 20000mah portable charger as a daily travel essential, whether the portable power bank is wireless power bank, back clip power bank or a variety of power bank 20000mah ,you may have seen, but in these charging treasures we have seen, we only see that wireless portable chargers can charge mobile phones.
However, portable power bank in addition to charging the phone, you can also charge the laptop power bank, have you seen it?
Is portable phone charger a quick search in the head to see if he has seen a mobile power source that can charge the notebook?
Aideaz recently launched a 20,000mAh fast-charge mobile power supply names 20000mah portable charger that supports PD and QC. In addition to charging mobile phones, it can also charge Apple Macbooks and wirelessly charge mobile phones that support wireless charging.

The wireless portable chargers Comes with a PD function to quickly charge your notebook:
The Aideaz fast-charge mobile power supply is equipped with a USB-A output port and a QC input port and a Type-c interface for simultaneous input and output, and the mystery of charging the notebook is also here is a truly portable power bank.
The Type-c interface comes with a PD function. It can charge Apple Macbook, MacBook Pro and other notebooks through a dual-head Type-c data cable connection, which better solves the problem of insufficient power when carrying a notebook.
This is also a feature that many power banks do not currently have.

In addition, wireless portable chargers can also charge the Switch. Switch uses the PD charging protocol, many power banks do not support, and this power bank Type-c port comes with PD function, so it can also support Switch charging.
Large capacity, high value, travel etc.
This mobile power supply has a large capacity of 20,000 mAh, which can better meet the battery life of the notebook, and also meet the charging needs of many devices when going out.
The double-curved lacquer coating is applied on the front and back, and the skin-like design, skin-friendly feel and delicate detail treatment make this portable power bank more high-end quality.
 Wireless portable chargers have strong compatibility, support for a variety of mobile phone fast charge
Aideaz 20000mah portable charger fast-charge mobile power is compatible with QC2.0/3.0 and PD2.0 fast charging protocols, which means it can quickly charge mobile phones for these fast-charge protocols. For example, Samsung S10 and other series of mobile phones. 1.5 hours can be filled with Samsung S9, which is faster for the charging speed of mobile power.
The portable power bank USB interface supports 5-6V⎓3A, 6-9V⎓2A, 9-12V⎓1.5A output, Type-c port supports 5-6V⎓3A, 6-9V⎓2A, 9-12V⎓1.5A input and output.
20000mah portable charger will automatically match the current required by the device, quickly charge the device, use multiple ports at the same time, and support up to 18W two-way fast charge. It can be automatically recognized, it will be charged automatically when plugged in, and it will be automatically powered off when there is no operation.
Portable phone charger charge 3 at a time, do not charge multiple devices at the same time, etc.
When traveling, there are often multiple devices that need to be charged at the same time. For ordinary power banks, you may only charge one at a time, and multiple devices have to be queued for charging.
Aideaz portable phone charger fast-charge mobile power has 2 interfaces and wireless charging, which can charge 3 devices at the same time. In this way, when traveling with family and friends, or friends with multiple devices, just bring a power bank, you can charge multiple devices at the same time, do not have to worry about the lack of power on the mobile phone.
Safe and secure, safe to charge
Aideaz fast charge power bank guarantees that the process is not hot. Don't worry about any risk of explosion.
In general, Aideaz portable phone charger two-way fast charge large-capacity power bank can meet the needs of our daily travel, while charging for multiple mobile phones, and also meet the charging needs of laptops when going out, it can be said that our daily travel life weapon.