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AIDEAZ PowerOriginAir 20000mAh – Best USB C Portable Wireless Power Bank
By Gareth Otwell / Mar 21.2019 12:00 AM
The folks over at AIDEAZ were not lacking ambition when they drew up plans for their power bank. They wanted to create a power bank with 20000 mAh capacity that also excelled at charging up plugged-in devices in a hurry.

So, did they achieve their goal?

The capacity is certainly there, and judging by how long this power bank can stay functional, the billed 20000 mAh is legitimate. To reach the speed they wanted, they decided to make use of an 18W power delivery port.

To be clear, this power bank from AIDEAZ does not provide a slow charge. It’s solid in that regard, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

It features the same pass-through charging , so you can place it on standby together with your smartphone and have them both ready to use after a while.

Up to three different smartphones can be charged using this power bank, although you should know that charging times will increase along with the number of devices plugged in.And the designers thought ahead and included some safety features.

Upon ordering this item, you will receive the power bank itself as well as a USB-C cable, a storage bag and an 18-month warranty.

Significant 20000 mAh capacity
Pass-through charging
LCD display is easy to understand
Can charge up to three devices simultaneously