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By Henry James / Jul 13.2018 12:00 AM

Several things strike me about this power bank. It is smartly designed and looks to be well made, this is a great good quality feeling which i like a lot, the capacity is very large for the size . and also this power bank has QI charging which i  have never seen on a power bank before which is amazing technology

It works well. the power bank automatically turns on when you plug in a device or using the wireless charing feature. You can charge it and use it to charge at the same time. It takes quite a short time to charge as it also has a type c port so it can accept a very fast input speed and form my testing takes around 3 hours to charge – . The power indication is useful, a, like me, you tend to plug it in before going to sleep when the room is already dark the screen lights up to tell me the power remaining,

Overall it seems a good piece of kit and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new power bank