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AIDEAZ 60W Multi USB Charger ,30W USB-C Charger Power Delivery
Apr 29.2019 12:00 AM

When it comes to wall chargers, they’re basically the most used types of charging electronics on the market. That said, a wall charger can be quite limiting and that’s because they have few ports and may not have the charging power that you’re looking for to charge certain devices that are compatible with technologies such as Power Delivery and Quick Charge. That’s why purchasing a Power Delivery&QC desktop multi USB charger can be very useful if you’re someone that owns a Power Delivery&Quick Charge compatible laptops and smartphones.
This Aideaz 60W multi USB charger ,30W USB C charger  definitely holds a lot of promise with its use of a 30W USB-C port and a QC 3.0 port as they’re able to deliver so much power and it conveniently makes use of three USB-A ports, too, it’s not only able to boast in quantity but also in quality


Output charging

So there are 3 main portions to this charging station( 60 W multi USB charger ,30W USB C charger, QC 3.0charger)let’s come to the 3 portions.

USB-C Power Delivery Port


AIDEAZ USB-C Charger and multi USB charger is able to charge any USB-C phones,tablets,and laptops at full-speed, up to 30W, delivery blazing-fast speeds for devices like iPad Pro, save more than 1hr than stock charger.

The Power Delivery charging from this desktop USB C Charger covers fast charging all the way down to PD smartphones and also for larger and more powerful PD compatible laptops.

Quick Charge 3.0 Port:

The Quick Charge port is able to accommodate those devices that are compatible with Quick Charge tech and when done so you’re able to receive blazing fast charging. This is because Quick Charge speeds are up to 3 Amps with increased Voltage of up to 6.5 Volts.
Even when Amperage charging goes down, the Voltage increases and this means that you’re charging for Quick Charge compatible smartphones is able to stay more constant.
The 60W multi USB charger ,30W USB C charger is with this port that you can very well charge your smartphones that are compatible with either Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 to a power capacity of 60% in about just 30 Minutes.

3 USB-A Ports:

Of course, there are three USB-A ports on this charger ,and they share a 12W charging output, to charge multiple devices at the same time with the USB-A ports.
The max output of this multi USB charger , USB C charger is 60W, so 30W is reserved for the USB-C port and the 12W is for the USB-A ports and 18W is for the QC port. So powerful the multi USB charger is.

Size and weight
As the 60W multi USB charger ,30W USB C charger only has a length of 3.6inches, a width of 2.3 inches, and a thickness of 1 inc. It has a weight of 1.76 Ounces, easily can be put in any pouch, purse, pack, or pocket, you’re good to travel with it.
The 60W multi USB charger ,30W USB C charger has a solid build and doesn’t get warm even when you’re charging for a long time.


If you’re searching for more powerful Power Delivery charging, then this AIDEAZ  60W multi USB charger ,30W USB C charger can be a great choice as its powerful multi USB ports that most Power Delivery chargers doesn’t have, it’s still pretty reliable to be able to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and really good to use.
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