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20000mAhPD/QC3.0, let Android Apple fully charged at any time
Jun 25.2019 12:00 AM
Portable charger 20000mah With the improvement of living standards and the continuous innovation of technology, more and more intelligent electronic products have entered thousands of households. I believe that there are not many users who have many smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Although smart electronic products bring a lot of convenience to people's lives, battery and battery life are also a big pain point. In order to solve this pain point, the charging treasure application is born. Battery capacity has gradually evolved from low capacity to high capacity, in order to make smart products more durable. As a power technology paranoia, Aideaz's latest launch is undoubtedly a high-capacity and security-based boutique charging treasure. In particular, usb battery pack QC fast charge function can charge for half an hour and last a whole day.

This portable charger 20000mah powersense is a high-performance boutique charging treasure of Aideaz. The small body has a large capacity. The capacity of 20000mAh can charge the iPhone8 8 times, the Huawei millet phone 4 times, and the iPad and other flat products can be charged 2 times, regardless of daily life or business trip. With it, you can avoid the shackles of the phone's low battery, so that you can take the iphone power bank with you.
After power bank charger the simple and high-end packaging is opened, there is one built-in charging treasure body, one data cable and one manual.

Aideaz portable charger 20000mah powersense is black in size, The iphone power bank measuring 160x80x22.6mm17 x 6.1 x 2.3 cm and weighs about 376g. It can be mastered with one hand and it won't look cumbersome in the bag. The overall design is simple and generous, the workmanship is exquisite, and the gap between the edges is extremely small, showing Aideaz's excellent quality control. Feel comfortable and natural, giving a feeling of fashion and generosity, whether it is for personal use or giving away, is a good gift.

The powersense can see the power bank charger LCD indicator on the front, you can clearly see the fast charge status and the remaining battery power. The left edge is the key to open. The simple design is simple and convenient to use. Just press the switch when charging the phone. When charging, the treasure will automatically shut down to save power.

Iphone power bank have PD+QC3.0+2 million mAh+Type-c+ dual fast charging, let Android Apple fully charged at any time
PD+QC3.0+2 million mAh+Type-c+ dual fast charging, let Android Apple fully charged at any time

Powesense has 10 intelligent composite protection: overshoot protection, over discharge protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection, recovery protection, anti-reverse protection, electromagnetic field protection. Just plug in the charging cable when you use it. Aideaz's exclusive composite protection silently protects the safe use of digital products in the background.

The side of the portable charger 20000mah charging treasure is USB-A interface, USB Type-C interface Micro-USB interface, support fast charging technology, USB Type-C can support fast charging input / output function, iphone power bank charging treasure to join Type-C interface is also the future development trend . With the increasing number of Type-C smart products, the emergence of Type-C has made charging treasures more widely used.

For Apple users, the fact of usb battery pack that mobile phones do not support fast charging is a big pain point. But Apple's new mobile phone iPhone8/8Plus/iPhone X supports PD fast charging, this powersense is designed for PD fast charging. With the Type-c to Lightning cable, you can quickly charge your iPhone 8/8Plus/iPhone X. It can charge 50% of iphone8 in 30 minutes, more than three times faster than Apple's original charger (5V/1A), and can also be applied to New Macbook, Nintendo Switch and other trend digital.
Whether iphone power bank charging the device or itself, it can support 9V/12V charging and discharging power up to 18W. It enables fast power storage and fast charging of mobile phones. With the support of QC3.0 fast charging technology, the mobile phone can be charged more than 70% in half an hour. Charge the charging treasure body with a charger that supports fast charging. It can be fully charged in 6.5 hours, and the charging process will not heat up. You can use it with confidence.
Power bank charger Powersense supports dual fast charging. At the same time, when charging two mobile phones, the powersense intelligent IC will automatically detect the current of the dual output ports and automatically adjust the voltage to meet the charging requirements of various intelligent electronic products. At the same time, usb battery pack is also compatible with mainstream fast charging protocols such as PD and QC3.0/2.0. It can be said that one machine is in hand and fast charging all mainstream mobile phones.
As an emerging charging treasure brand that specialized in usb battery pack, Aideaz portable charger 20000mah has a good capacity with large capacity and dual fast charging characteristics. It is meticulous in workmanship, easy to carry, easy to use, and usb battery pack’s multi-charge protection function can effectively protect the electrical safety of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products during charging. Going out can eliminate the shackles of the mobile phone's power, let the battery life go up a step, and it can also charge other electronic products using the USB interface, the use of a wide range. The power of 20000mAh is enough to charge the mobile phone many times. It is called mobile power bank. The key power bank charger is that this cost-effective charging treasure is less than 200 CNY, which is really worth it. For friends who often go out with electronic products and heavy, it is necessary to keep one power bank charger!